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"… It emits a unique fragrance from its body, and any who smell it fall under its spell.”

Plague Doctors

"… Contained red glass eye pieces which may have helped to protect the plague doctor from evil influences.The beak of the mask usually contained strongly aromatic herbs and spices.These additions to the beak may have helped reduce bad odours - terrible stench of unburied corpses and fluids from ill plague patients.”

The visual similarities of the Plague Doctor’s mask and Spritzee are a little too obvious to be a coincidence, which I’m sure was the intent. With X and Y being so heavily influenced by France and other European countries, it is neat to see what they use as reference for not only new Pokemon, but new gyms and new environments and things like that.

(None of these images are mine. All were gathered from Google.)

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    Well, now I want to cosplay that Sprtizee. But first I need to find the source for that gijinka fanart. To Google...
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